Disabled Education And Care :

One of the major organisational agenda of ASHA is education, care and rehabilitation of physically challenged and handicapped people mainly the children. It has residential educational programme named as LAXMI BASANTI SPECIAL SCHOOL FOR HANDICAPPED CHILDREN. This year 81 disabled children are being provided with residential accommodation, boarding and education in the school. They belongs to poor parents who are unable to impart proper care and education to their disable wards. All the students are deaf and dumb. The total school is being run by public donations from charitable donetions from the people of the locality.
The school is registered and recognised under PWD Act 1995 under SSEPD of Government of Odisha and undertook the schooling under the supervision of qualified teachers. The school is a centre of excellence for the children in distress. It acts as a resource institution to guide the disabled children for their physical, mental, social, psychological and spiritual development. It not only helps them with a suitable shelter but also at the same time, it takes due care of them for providing them proper educational facilities. There are 20 staff members in the school. Of them 12 are teachers trained in educating the children with disabilities and other 08 are non-teaching staffs

Non-Formal Education And Nursery School

Quality education is being provided to small children belonging to poorer class wards who are agricultural labourers. They have to go out for work leaving their children in the house. ASHA has accomplished a great effort of educating not less than 500 children by undertaking a continuous programme on Non-formal Education for the last 10 years. ASHA has initiated 2nos. of Creche Centres in SC/ST pockets of Mathani and Srirampur G.P. Small kids of working mothers ( between 4yrs to 7yrs ) are enrolled and given Pre-Nursery education. After completing education up to standard 1 they are enrolled to formal schooling system.